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Another Partnership Between PICO Rwanda And Santa Clara University

Another partnership between PICO Rwanda and Santa Clara University

Two student interns from the SCU Miller Center for Entrepreneurship will work with Mumeya leaders to develop a plan to transition their welding school from a training center to a business. For four weeks in July, they will examine production costs, potential markets and document the Mumeya story to engage potential investors. In addition, Advisor Dr. Tonya Nilsson and five SCU Engineers Without Borders students will work with Nyange leaders to take the next steps in completing construction of the kiln and storage building that will move their small self-help roofing tile production process to a viable business. They will examine use of bio-fuels for the kiln; how to improve efficiency of the tile press and clay mixer; and design a transport system to move heavy clay up a huge hill from the clay pit to the production site. They will spend a total of six weeks with PICO Rwanda. Thanks for your support, Santa Clara University.

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