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A.I. Could Prove Disastrous for Democracy. How Can Philanthropy Prepare?
The Chronicle of Philanthropy, Gordon Whitman, October 23, 2023
The widespread use of A.I. threatens to decrease trust and people’s sense of agency. In response, donors should fund face-to-face organizing and other programs that rely on human connection.

Sanction bad guys, not poor people
The Hill, Gordon Whitman, October 13, 2023
If President Biden is serious about addressing the root causes driving so many people to cross the U.S.-Mexico border, he should change his administration’s upside-down approach to sanctions in Latin America.

‘It’s a beautiful moment’: Accompanying Guatemala’s historic election
National Catholic Reporter, Joseph Fleming and Jesús de la Torre, September 11, 2023
Our government has a moral obligation and a clear self-interest in standing with the Guatemalan people during this historic transition and supporting the success of the new Arévalo administration. That represents the only compassionate and strategic response to forced migration from Guatemala.

Faith in Action Founder John Baumann brings theology to life for thousands of Catholics, MegAnne Liebsch, September 6, 2023

With an Arévalo win, Catholic voters in Guatemala say they have chosen democracy and change
National Catholic Reporter, Rhina Guidos, August 21, 2023
Guatemala’s Cardinal Álvaro Ramazzini, of the Diocese of Huehuetenango, invited international faith groups, including some from the U.S., such as Faith in Action and Hope Border Institute of El Paso, to Guatemala for the elections.

Faith-based groups sound alarm about fairness of Guatemala elections
Crux, John Lavenburg, July 14, 2023
A network of faith-based and advocacy organizations has condemned recent efforts to interfere with Guatemala’s elections, and called on the international community to step up in support of transparency and fairness in the nation’s electoral process.

USAID ‘freight train’ creates big localization frustration in Haiti
DEVEX, Teresa Welsh, June 23, 2023
USAID has made localization its mantra. But for one local farming organization in Haiti, it is not working as hoped and the strategy has become an arduous experience with little improvement to food security.

US vice president announces more than $100M to help Caribbean during official visit to Bahamas
ABC News, June 8, 2023
“Haitian farmers are the backbone of fighting hunger in Haiti, and they desperately need critical inputs of seeds, irrigation, tools, and support from agronomists to adapt to drought,” said Francois Pierre-Louis, Faith in Action’s Haiti director.

Hungary’s progressive Christian resistance
The Christian Century, June 2023

How Diasporic Solidarity Can Inform Multifaith Movements
Rev. Dr. Cassandra Gould, Word & Way, March 29, 2023

Haiti activists rally at White House seeking end of U.S. support for Henry
Reuters, October 9, 2022

More than 100 groups in the United States call on Biden to no longer support Ariel Henry
Rezo Nodwes, September 16, 2022

Faith groups call on US to pressure Guatemala on democracy, human rights
CRUX, June 7, 2022

Police on high alert in Haiti as political uncertainty looms, no president to swear in
Miami Herald, February 7, 2022 (Paywall article)

Hurdles remain for Biden’s ‘root causes’ strategy in Central America
DEVEX, February 4, 2022

As February 7 arrives, trepidation rules Haiti as leadership legitimacy is questioned
The Haitian Times, February 2, 2022

Central America project shows challenges for USAID’s localization push
DEVEX, December 17, 2021

The Memo: Biden’s immigration problems reach crescendo in Del Rio
The Hill, September 24, 2021

Faith groups aid Haitian migrants, denounce mistreatment
AP, September 27, 2021

Charges against PM Henry, now banned from leaving Haiti, requested in Moïse murder
The Haitian Times, September 14, 2021

‘I want to see my real dream:’ Biden administration extends TPS for Haitians
Rockland/Westchester Journal News, August 6, 2021

Diaspora in Atlanta keeps an eye on situation in Haiti
The Atlanta-Journal Constitution, July 28, 2021

Even Before Jovenel Moïse’s Assassination, Haiti Was In Crisis
NPR, July 7, 2021

In Central America, Kamala Harris ignored our best hope: Catholic bishops
Thomas Reese, Religion News Service, June 23, 2021

Catholic organizations ask Bishops for pastoral, moral leadership on immigration
Vatican News, June 21, 2021

Catholic groups from Mexico, Central America and US ask bishops for support in helping migrants
Religion News Service, June 18, 2021

Catholic groups ask bishops across the Americas for leadership on migration reform
National Catholic Reporter, June 18, 2021

Wide-Ranging Catholic Call For Regional Church Response To Needs Of Migrants
Ignatian Solidarity Network, June 18, 2021

Unable to claim title to homes they paid to own, Salvadorans unite to fight developers for land rights
Waging Nonviolence, June 10, 2021

USAID ‘redirects’ El Salvador funds from government to civil society
The Hill, May 21, 2021

Immigration and border initiatives test political alliances
The Hill, April 27, 2021

Kamala Harris faces diplomatic pitfalls in tackling migration from Central America
Los Angeles Times, April 14, 2021

Organizaciones y líderes religiosos se pone a disposición para abordar la migración
La Hora, March 23, 2021

New alert for wave of migrants
El Diario de El Paso, Jan. 22, 2021

Joe Biden’s $4 billion plan to discourage Central American migration at its source
America Magazine, Jan. 21., 2021

Central American caravan is ‘first moral test for Biden,’ say activists
Religion News Service/National Catholic Reporter, Jan 21, 2021

Faith groups call on Biden to support Central American migrants, refugees
DEVEX, Jan. 21, 2021

Hope Border Institute joins faith groups call for presidents to treat Honduran Exodus as Refugee Crisis
El Paso Herald Posts, Jan. 19, 2021

Haiti election: A road destined to destruction, few hope otherwise
The Haitian Times, January 6, 2021

Leaders Call on Biden to Address Root Causes of Migration From Central America
Ignatian Solidarity Network, Dec. 16, 2020

Group’s COVID-19 Campaign Reaches 35,000 In Haiti, Fills Government Gap
The Haitian Times, Sept. 16. 2020

COVID-19 In Haiti: Experts Stumped By Low Toll, As Normalcy Returns
The Haitian Times, Sept. 26, 2020

COFOA media coverage in El Salvador

La Prensa Gráfica
Comunidades se reúnen con Vivienda por retraso en escrituración de sus lotes
Oct 17, 2022

El Diario de Hoy
“Hace falta voluntad política” en la administración de la DOM, señala director de COFOA
Jun 8, 2022

La Prensa Gráfica
Comunidades siguen esperando que el Gobierno responda sus peticiones de obras en agua y energía eléctrica
Aug 24, 2022

La Prensa Gráfica
“Queremos ver nuestros impuestos reflejados”: comunidades piden obras al Gobierno
Jun 29, 2022

La Prensa Gráfica
800 familias exigen al Gobierno agilizar la entrega de títulos de propiedad
Sep 28, 2022

El Diario de Hoy
Tres comunidades de Chalatenango tienen 100 años sin escuela
Sep 22, 2022

El Diario de Hoy
La educación llega por primera vez al caserío El Trigalito
May 3, 2022

La Prensa Gráfica
“Basta de engaños. Quiero un hogar digno”: habitantes de diferentes comunidades exigen escrituración de tierras
Mar 25, 2022

El Diario de Hoy
La iglesia que se convirtió en una escuela en Chalatenango – Noticias de El Salvador
Apr 4, 2022

El Diario de Hoy
Familias esperan por décadas las escrituras de sus lotes en Armenia – Noticias de El Salvador
Aug 3, 2022

El Diario de Hoy
Vivir sin letrina, la dura realidad de Santa Bárbara
Jul 17, 2022

El Diario de Hoy
Gobierno busca fondos con “impuestos disfrazados” y hace recortes para tomar remanentes
Sep 17, 2022

El Diario de Hoy
Lotificador: “Todo trato que hicieron con mi papá se respeta” – Noticias de El Salvador
Aug 4, 2022

La Prensa Gráfica
Comunidades organizadas piden escrituras
Mar 20, 2021

Diario Co Latino
350,000 familias están sin escrituras en El Salvador. Firman convenio para solucionar casos de lotificaciones entregar escrituras a propietarios
Nov 13, 2020

El Diario de Hoy
Cada vez que van a clases, niños arriesgan la vida al cruzar el río en La Unión
Jun 9, 2022

Diario Co Latino
350,000 familias están sin escrituras en El Salvador 
Jan 14, 2021

Informa TVX
“Este gobierno tiene puertas más cerradas que gobiernos anteriores”, Alberto Velásquez
Dec 2, 2022

El Diario de Hoy
No se oye – Noticias de El Salvador
Jun 11, 2022

El Diario de Hoy
Aquí y ahora en el desarrollo local – Noticias de El Salvador
Oct 25, 2022

Diario Co Latino
Dentro de los vacíos legales observados por COFOA, se encuentra: que no … 350,000 familias están sin escrituras en El Salvador
Jul 6, 2021
69 pastores, sacerdotes y reverendos llaman a proteger los equilibrios democráticos
Feb 17, 2021

La Prensa Gráfica
Cientos de personas protestan frente a Centro Nacional de Registros y exigen se les entreguen escrituras de sus viviendas
Apr 30, 2021

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