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Faith in Action International supports grassroots organizing that enables those who are most vulnerable and exploited to build political and economic power to better their lives and communities.

The organizations we support in Central America, East Africa, the Caribbean and Eastern Europe train leaders and equip them with the tools to revitalize democracy, put faith values into action, create economic opportunity, generate income for vulnerable families, lead campaigns for more inclusive and effective policies, and make society more equitable.

Our model begins with bringing people together to reflect on their purpose and share their stories. We help people build teams that solicit input from their neighbors. People prioritize the most important concerns they hear and then do research to understand who has the power to make changes. Building strong accountable relationships among themselves helps people build the power to hold public officials accountable. Taking action to bring about tangible changes in a community and then reflecting on that action increases people’s confidence in themselves and deepens their understanding of the world. Through this cycle of action and reflection people gain the capacity to transform their lives and their societies.

Putting faith into action

Faith in Action helps people put their values into action to create a world that reflects the inherent dignity of every human being. We work with people from every faith tradition and those who are not religious but believe in the possibility of a better world.

The work we do to bring people together and imagine communities and societies in which all people can flourish is profoundly spiritual. In a world in which religion has been used to divide, we believe that faith and values can bring people together across difference, create community and hold governments and corporations up to a higher moral standard.

Developing leaders

Organizing makes it possible for people whose backs are against the wall to build organizations that they can use to negotiate change. Our approach to change offers people an opportunity to become leaders with a following.

Through their participation they share their stories, organize their neighbors, build political and economic power in their communities, and lead campaigns to change policies to better meet the needs of families.

People not only get results that make their lives better, but they also come to see themselves as powerful agents of change in the world. They become leaders who can win their own liberation.

I want to endorse all of the efforts they (Faith in Action International) are doing to promote communities of faith here in Central America. The changes that we need will come from faith. Faith is a light; faith is a power that will transform the social reality from injustice to one of justice.

— Cardinal Rodriguez

I have seen PICO work miracles here in our village. It is clear this place has changed. People used to die here because we didn’t have a hospital. But now we have a hospital because of PICO. We didn’t have water. We didn’t have a road. And now we do. We didn’t have electricity, but now we do. It was a miracle.

— Poline, PICO Rwanda Leader

We are not waiting for others to solve our problems. Too many groups have come and trained people to expect charity. When they leave, there is nothing left. I would not participate in PICO if I didn’t believe that we will be different.

— Florcie Tyrell, OPODNE Executive Director

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