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The growth of Faith in Action International has been powered by generous contributions from people of faith and congregations who want to effectively address the root causes of poverty and oppression across the globe.

We invite you to join a growing movement of people who are putting their money and their voices behind change that is designed and led by those who have the most at-stake. Become part of a global movement to create an equitable world.

Become a monthly contributor

The best way to support the growth of grassroots faith organizing in some of the most challenging places in the world is to sign up for a monthly contribution.

Make a one-time donation

Your contribution will make it possible for grassroots leaders to attend leadership trainings and support local organizers who teach and coach people to build new organizations in their communities.

Sign up for our Monthly Newsletter

Click here to sign up for our regular monthly newsletter which shares what people in Haiti, Central America, and Africa are doing to transform their communities and countries.

Host a dialogue

By hosting a discussion at your congregation or in your community you can raise awareness about what grassroots leaders are doing across the world to transform communities. Email us at [email protected] if you’d like more information about organizing a dialogue.

Organize a giving circle

Join with others who are learning together about international grassroots organizing and raising funds from their neighbors and friends to support work in Africa, Central America and Haiti.

Become a partner

We’re looking for congregations that are willing to partner with faith organizing groups around the world. If you congregation has a mission or development program, consider partnering with a Faith in Action International affiliate.

Sign a Petition

Visit our online petition page to add your name to one of our campaigns to change U.S. policy toward Haiti and Central America.

Contact Fr. John Baumann at [email protected] for more information about hosting a dialogue, organizing a giving circle or becoming a partner congregation.

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