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Learning Festivals Spread Grassroots Multi-Faith Organizing Across Ghana

The FAITH in Ghana Alliance held two learning festivals in Southern and Northern Ghana in November 2023 to advance multi-faith community organizing as a strategy for transforming Ghana.…


A.I. Could Prove Disastrous for Democracy. How Can Philanthropy Prepare?

The widespread use of A.I. threatens to decrease trust and people’s sense of agency. In response, donors should fund face-to-face organizing and other programs that rely on human…


Local churches pitch in to support organizing in Rwanda

Peace Lutheran Church in Grass Valley, CA, hosted Pastor John Rutsindintwarane to learn about his work supporting grassroots organizing in Rwanda and across Africa. More than 100 people…


Sanction bad guys, not poor people

"If President Biden is serious about addressing the root causes driving so many people to cross the U.S.-Mexico border, he should change his administration’s upside-down approach to sanctions…


Faith groups call for tougher response from President Biden to Guatemala election interference

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE October 10, 2023 Washington, DC – Tens of thousands of Guatemalans from all walks of life are engaged in large-scale, peaceful, pro-democracy protests demanding the…

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