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COFOA El Carmen Leaders Hold Big Party To Celebrate Bridge Over Rio Roldan

COFOA El Carmen Leaders Hold Big Party to Celebrate Bridge Over Rio Roldan

Ms. Yanira Marklin James has expressed her distress at being forced to wait for hours to get her young son with a serious heart condition across the Rio Roldan. Now she is celebrating with Pr. Cortes and Bishop Alvarado, Anglican Church leaders, and hundreds of COFOA leaders, many of whom are veterans of the war.  On August 3 they prayed, danced, sang, and ate papusas to celebrate their successful work for local roads and a new bridge.

The bridge will give the over 500 El Carmen families regular access to needed services and markets.  For years, this rural community became isolated during the rainy season, and many promises were made and broken to build a bridge and new roads. They couldn’t get livestock to market or their children to the hospital. With training by COFOA Director, Alberto Velazquez, leaders applied PICO organizing skills to unite their community and secure the support of the City Council, the Public Works Ministry, Usulutan Governor René Ramos, and Jiquilisco Mayor Barahona.  Now their roads are resurfaced and the bridge is scheduled for completion before the end of the year.  And a little dignity is being restored.

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