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COFOA Expansion Includes First El Salvador Youth Organizing Committee

COFOA expanded across El Salvador in 2010, including COFOA’s first youth organizing effort, led by COFOA staff person and experienced leader Marisol Rogel in the Santiago Apostol parish.

Youth leaders held a listening campaign that reached over 400 Santiago young people. They identified recreation resources as the greatest need and decided that a Music and Dance project was the best response to this need.

They conducted research to identify a person or organization to help them start the project. This led them to Marylin Avila, Director of the National Center of Culture and Art. Last November she informed COFOA youth leadership that their Music and Dance project was approved by the government.

In 2011 Santiago Nonualco will begin the Corus and Orchestra project in their local House of Culture – a major victory for the youth!

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