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Growing Self Sufficiency In Mumeya

Growing Self Sufficiency in Mumeya

Mumeya leaders and community members continue to move ahead on economic development, applying the principles and methods learned from Pr. John.

The Mumeya community has begun construction of a multipurpose building near the Mumeya health center, after the Mumeya Local Organizing Committee organized their labor and their financial resources. The new building will house a restaurant serving health center staff and patients, a community meeting/training room and a space for crop storage. The restaurant will generate income for community enterprises. The meeting room will provide space for community leadership to plan community projects like electrification, water, and co-op development, as well as space for training new leaders from Mumeya and beyond in the PICO Rwanda model of organizing. The storage space allows crops to be stored and marketed in off-harvest seasons to increase individual income for Mumeya farmers.

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