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Haiti: OPODNE Leaders Practice The Values That Communities Need To Survive

Haiti: OPODNE leaders practice the values that communities need to survive

In addition to the collapse of political systems, a drought has devastated farmers in the Northeast. The pepper project in Mont Organise and the banana project in Capotille were largely wiped out this past year. The household goods resale cooperative in Terrier Rouge has been unable to buy many products because of the economic collapse in the country. The market for chickens has collapsed in Haiti, so the Grand Bassin cooperative in seeking other alternatives.  Despite these setbacks, communities have been resilient. Using funds generated in past years and set aside by the cooperatives for reinvestment, leaders have adapted existing projects and initiated new projects. Mont Organise is expanding its goat-breeding project and providing them to members of the cooperative for food or milk. Each goat is worth more than $40. In Capotille, cooperative members are constructing two ponds to begin farming fish. In Terrier Rouge, leaders are increasing the available stock of water and drinks which continue to be in high demand. Because the cooperatives in Mombin Crochu have already diversified, they are sustaining their efforts. Micro lending programs in these communities continue to provide much-needed low cost loans so people can pay emergency medical bills and school fees. Leadership teams continue to be models of effective, accountable leadership.

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