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Haiti: Thanks to you, OPODNE is responding to pandemic in towns across the Northeast

On April 14, over 100 of you joined our “Organizing in Haiti in a Time of Crisis” zoom conference. Thanks to your response, we raised $10,000 and OPODNE is now leading a public health education and prevention campaign in every town in the Northeast Department. Education efforts to provide reliable information include sponsoring local radio shows, distributing fliers, and using megaphones to make announcement at public markets. Leadership teams are also distributing masks, gloves, disinfectant, and washing stations to promote health practices. OPODNE Executive Director, Florcie Tyrell, and OPODNE leader, Dr. Louis Clonel, are providing training to leadership teams in every town who in turn are educating residents about the measures needed to avoid a severe outbreak of the virus. OPODNE is organizing this campaign because local and national governments are dysfunctional; not equipped to educate, test, trace or meet the basic food and health needs of the people. If you want to learn more and help OPODNE do more, please make a donation now.

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