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Join Our Campaign! Help PICO Rwanda Leaders Lay The Foundation For A New Future!

Join our campaign! Help PICO Rwanda leaders lay the foundation for a new future!

“It is clear this place has changed. In our village people used to die because we didn’t have a hospital. But now we have the hospital. Before we didn’t have a road, or water or electricity. Now we do because of PICO Rwanda. We organized our labor and got the goverment to invest in us.This is truly a miracle.” –  Poline, PICO Rwanda leader in Mumeya .

Scores of leaders like Poline continue to inspire us with their commitment to organize their communities across Rwanda. Because of their efforts, thousands of people are coming together to build clinics, schools, roads and homes. They have organized cooperatives to provide employment and generate income for their families.  Because of your support, they have leveraged over $10 million for public improvements and services.

Please help PICO Rwanda continue on their journey of community development. Every dollar you give will be matched by a generous friend of PICO International. Imagine how how your gift can empower more people like Poline!

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