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Nyange youth leader takes action to save their cooperative

Rwanda: Nyange youth leader takes action to save their cooperative. When the Faith in Action International delegation visited Nyange in early December to see the great progress made over the past year, we heard Sarah tell her story. Sarah reported that one day she saw a group of people measuring the lot they had cleared and graded to build their roadside market. When she inquired the group said they were going to take the land to set up their own business. Panicked, Sarah call Pr. John to find out if this could be true. John encouraged Sarah to take leadership, role played a phone call, encouraged here to contact the Mayor, and find out what was going on. When she could not get a response, Sarah called the Governor.  She soon found out that no group was authorized to do this and that the Nyange cooperative needs to move forward with their plans. The Nyange women are proud of their young leader, Sarah. She represents their future.

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