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OPODNE Communities Hold Themselves Accountable – Seek Partners To Grow

OPODNE communities hold themselves accountable – seek partners to grow

Presidents from local leadership teams delivered reports to the OPODNE board in a continuing commitment to transparency and accountability that makes them so different than many NGOs in Haiti. More than 90 leaders and 600 people from 11 cities have organized multiple activities in last six months. The theme for their monthly training sessions is “corruption is the enemy of development”. Their work includes launching new cooperatives- a household goods wholesale store in Terrier Rouge, a vegetable co-op in Caracol, and a banana co-op in Capotille ; resarting the chicken cooperative in Grand Bassin; and continuing to operate the fishing cooperative in Phaeton and the pepper cooperative in Mont Organise. They operate micro-lending programs in three communities; support youth computer training centers in five others, sponsor youth sports and cultural events in two others, and organize community monthly clean up efforts to promote health and community pride.

Each of these communities could dramatically expand these efforts with more seed capital and training in technical support. We invite you to consider organizing an event to learn more and hear leaders of OPODNE tell their powerful story.

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