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OPODNE Provides Training For Haitian Clergy

OPODNE provides training for Haitian clergy

At the invitation of Fort Liberte Bishop, Alphonse Quesnel, OPODNE founder Francois Pierre Louis held a workshop for 30 clergy at the annual diocesan retreat. His training focused on the necessity for clergy to organize their parishes for the common good. Because the economic situation for families remains grim and the political situation has not yet led to needed support, the Catholic Church must step into the gap.   Francois encouraged members of the clergy that are not active with OPODNE to do so. Following his workshop, OPODNE staff updated the clergy on OPODNE activities since the last retreat in 2016 and future projects being developed.  These include successful economic development through the sorghum cooperative and the road building project in Mombin Crochu, the pepper cooperative in Mont- Organise, the fishing cooperative in Phaeton, and the peanut cooperative in Capotille. Each community is also organizing self-help improvement projects, including road building, community clean ups, and sports events.

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