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Your support is changing the lives of ordinary people in Rwand, El Salvador and Haiti.

“This project has changed my life because ignorance is a disease… Now, we are happy and work together. We are able to build houses….people who do not live in the cooperative come to buy tiles from us and they live in better houses too. We have done a lot for this community. It has been great.” – Mukamuganga Epiphanie

“… Organizing has had a very big impact on me…. it has helped me to develop myself socially and personally…. we have achieved many amazing things that we would have never imagined.” -Lucila Solano, Santa Teresa, El Salvador

“The people of Mombin Crochu feel that OPODNE is already making a difference in their lives. They were discouraged with farming because they could not sell their crops. Now they can,” says OPODNE leader Marie Saint-Fleur.

“Together we have worked so hard to build houses for each other….I can see how far we have come… We know each other and through the cooperative we are helping each other…”  Beatrice, Nyange, Rwanda

“… As COFOA leader I have felt so happy because now I am able to be in relationship many people …and in unity we have the power to achieve our goals.–Milagros Gomez, San Marcos Lempa, Usulutan, El Salvador

“We did not exist before OPODNE. OPODNE teaches us how to take initiative. We don’t have to wait for anyone.” – Jean Baptiste Luckney, Mombin Crochu, Haiti


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