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Santa Clara Fellows provide development workshops for PICO Rwanda leaders

Rwanda: Three other Student Fellows from Santa Clara University’s Miller Center for Social Entrepreneurship are also working with PICO Rwanda leaders. They will provide workshops in social entrepreneurship and human design thinking to help leaders launch new enterprises or support existing economic development efforts. Leaders will develop the following projects:

* welding school in Mumeya;
* roofing tile business in Nyanga;
* clinic operation in Rusumo;
* community center in Nyamata;
* handicraft business in Kigali

Miller Fellows are visiting rural communities to prepare for the workshops that will be conducted at the Jesuit Christus Center. We are also grateful to the Miller Center Fellows who will collaboratively deliver training sessions and workshops, and formalize this information in a training manual.

* Kelly Grunewald, majoring in Sociology says, “Action Research appeals to me because it is an opportunity for me to collaborate with social entrepreneurs to create a more just and sustainable world.”
* Jazmine Low, majoring in Neuroscience says, “I’m hungry for human encounters, particularly uncomfortable ones, because this is how we learn.”
* Megan Sauter, majoring in Civil Engineering says, “I want to learn what reality is for social entrepreneurs in the field and how they deal with a curveball.”

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