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Your Support Is Changing The World

Your support is changing the world

“Over the past 15 years faith leaders invited us to develop organizing projects in El Salvador, Rwanda and Haiti. We know that organizing works. With a little support, people can shape the future that their children need and deserve.  With your prayers and support we will grow these efforts to serve even more people. I am proud to work with the Alberto, Pr. John, Fr. Innocent, Florcie and Francois as they develop leaders in El Salvador, Rwanda and Haiti who are changing the world.”  Fr. John Baumann, SJ – PICO Founder and Director of Special Projects. 

For the past eleven years, PICO International has provided support through consultation, communication and fundraising to our projects in El Salvador, Rwanda and Haiti where more over 1,500 leaders have organized 50 communities and engaged more than 30,000 people in self-help and advocacy efforts.

Your support is changing the world.  Please donate in this season of giving. Every dollar you give will be matched. Thank you!

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