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COFOA San Juan Tepezontes Holds A Major Health Fair

COFOA San Juan Tepezontes Holds a Major Health Fair

COFOA San Juan Tepezontes leaders are committed to improving health care, and are holding research meetings with public health officials to tackle the larger issues that prevent adequate health access.  Leaders decided to take immediate steps to bring health resources to the region because of the lack of medical attention and medicine in their local health care unit.

They worked together for over three months to plan a health care fair across the region.  The fair was a big success: over 250 San Juan Tepezontes citizens were served.  COFOA coordinated with the Santa Teresa General Hospital to bring doctors to give free consultations, and residents received over 4,000 units of medicine from private national medicine labs. Leaders are continuing to hold research meetings with health care officials to improve access to medical attention.

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