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El Salvador: Taking Down Barriers To Help The Most Vulnerable

El Salvador: Taking down barriers to help the most vulnerable

“We want to work with our sisters and brothers in the United States for migration reform that benefits all; for foreign aid that meet the needs of our people; and for continuing our dialogue that unites us across race and difference” – Deisey Cruz, COFOA Organizer

In our third international webinar, “Building national organizing power in El Salvador in a time of crisis”, Alberto Velazquez and COFOA staff how shared how leaders are providing for the survival needs of vulnerable families while continuing to press local mayors to use emergency resources for food, water and health care. The webinar provided an opportunity to strengthen the connections with partners and allies like the Hope Border Initiative and seek ways to address the root causes of migration. Like Haiti, it will be important for Faith in Action to press a new U.S. administration and congress for policies that bring down rather than construct barriers to Latin America and the Caribbean.

COFOA’s Love campaign directly benefited more than 1000 families with food, water and other necessities during the quarantine. Now as the quarantine is lifting, the impact of COVID is again rising. As of July 14, there are 10,303 cases, and 278 deaths. COFOA leaders are meeting again and engaging local campaigns. In San Juan Opico, leaders have opened another well providing water to hundreds of families in rural La Libertad. Leaders in Soyapango are pressing their mayor to open wells that have been capped for years.  COFOA leaders are conducting listening campaigns across their communities to prioritize issues and mapping out a plan to build power and influence at least half of national assembly representatives. This effort will likely take two election cycles. COFOA leaders are working to build steering committees in each Department of the country with the goal to pass a national water law and prevent further privatization.

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