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We Need Each Other Now More Than Ever!

We need each other now more than ever!

Dear friend,

As we strive to keep ourselves and those we love safe in this time of pandemic, as we work to support those who suffer hardship in this time of economic depression, and as we combat racism and authoritarianism in this election season, we ask you to keep our sisters and brothers from El Salvador, Rwanda and Haiti in your prayers. These issues are affecting the people in each of these countries in very profound ways. How we pray, act and vote in the United States makes a difference across the globe.

We are happy to report from Rwanda that Pr. John, Fr. Innocent and leaders are healthy and in the field organizing. PICO Rwanda clinics are making a significant contribution to the community health system that is holding COVID 19 in check. Florcie Tyrell and OPODNE leaders in Haiti are making a difference in the Northeast as they continue to provide health education and distribute sanitation equipment where government is dysfunctional, and life is more challenging than ever. In El Salvador, we are praying for Alberto and his staff who contracted COVID. They are doing well and COFOA leaders continue work to bring water and land reform to their communities.  We invite you to read more below.

We are grateful to everyone who participated in the Zoom meetings in the past three months. These meetings highlighted the work that our affiliates in El Salvador, Rwanda and Haiti are doing to address the COVID-19 pandemic in their respective countries while continuing to build their organizations. We are learning that when government is unresponsive, people must fill the gap, build power and hold government accountable. We are learning how United States -dominated immigration, financial aid, and racial politics and policies threaten the lives of the most vulnerable communities around the world. In the future, we promise to find and share ways that we can work together and advocate on behalf of communities of color across the globe. Thank you for your prayers. We promise to do the same for you.

John Baumann, SJ, Faith in Action Founder

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