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Faith In Action International 2018 Year In Review

Faith in Action International 2018 Year in Review

Dear Friends,

I am writing to share highlights of this past year from our international projects and to express our ongoing commitment to connecting people of faith across the globe in our common struggle for justice. Beginning in 2019, the work continues under our new banner—Faith in Action International. We are proud to share stories of the youth, women, and men who are organizing their communities and making a difference for thousands of people in Haiti, Rwanda, and El Salvador. Working as a team, these leaders listen and engage their community, challenge public officials to build partnerships, and undertake concrete projects for the common good. Global grassroots organizing is especially important in these times to combat the forces of authoritarianism, economic exploitation, environmental degradation, and overt racism that are hurting people across the world. As Faith in Action International, we are striving to reduce isolation and connect people across the world who are experiencing these common challenges. We are stronger together.

You are a critical partner in this work for global justice. We truly appreciate your love, prayers, time, and financial support. Enjoy these stories of the people you are empowering and join them in our common journey toward liberation. Sign up for our newsletter and follow us on our new website and Facebook page.

With gratitude,    Fr. John Baumann, SJ, PICO/Faith in Action Founder

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