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PICO International is now Faith in Action International

I am writing to share news that we are changing our name to Faith in Action International. The name change reflects our continuing commitment to serve people of faith across the globe and connect more powerfully with our sisters and brothers in the United States. We are committed to support people seeking to live out the legacy of faith leaders such as Bishop Romero in El Salvador, Fr. Innocent Rutagmbwa in Rwanda and Toussaint L’Ouverture in Haiti who gave their lives in the cause of justice.

Over the past fifteen years, we responded to faith leaders in Central America, Rwanda and Haiti who sought tools so people could find their voice, activate their faith, negotiate change, and improve their living conditions. When we began our international work, we knew that isolated people are vulnerable people. We knew that true hope came from people organizing without borders. That is the mission of Faith in Action International. The problems we face are global in scope. We cannot solve one problem if we are isolated from the people across the world who are experiencing the same challenges. We are stronger together. That’s why Faith in Action International and Faith in Action are on a worldwide campaign to bring together people impacted by injustice to work for their own liberation.

Global grassroots faith organizing is especially important in these times to combat forces of authoritarianism, economic exploitation, environmental degradation, and overt racism hurting people across the globe. Only when the voice of organized communities from the developing world are joined with those in the United States and other wealthy countries will we have the power to overcome harmful policies and create the beloved global community that we espouse as people of faith.
We see the name change as giving us a chance to more widely share our organizing model and the powerful stories of people working for a better future across the globe. We will continue to welcome people from many different faiths and those who are not members of congregations or religions but share a moral commitment to justice and fairness. As part of changing our name to Faith in Action International, we will unveil a new logo (see above); and launch a new organizational website and Facebook page (coming soon).

We are extremely grateful for your interest, prayers, and financial support as we grow our work in East Africa, Central America, the Caribbean and communities in other parts of the world that are asking for our assistance. We look forward to your continued partnership to realize change in a world that truly needs sisters and brothers who stand in global solidarity.

With gratitude,
Fr. John Baumann, SJ, PICO/Faith in Action Founder

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