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Fighting For Drinking Water In San Juan Talpa

Fighting for drinking water in San Juan Talpa

For more than 30 years, sixty families in the Monte Cristo community have not had access to water in their homes. The mayor of San Juan Talpa initiated a project three years ago to address the issue, but no one knows anything about its status. Tired of delays, leaders from the parish and community called a meeting with the Mayor Alexander Lovo and two engineers from the National Water Agency to find out the status of the project. The Mayor said that delivery of water and electricity was his highest priority and reaffirmed that delivery of water was in municipal plans. However, only 25 families were listed without water service, so the leader secured a commitment to include everyone. The mayor congratulated leaders for involving Catholic and Evangelical Church leaders and promised to work with COFOA to achieve this goal. He will start by assigning a project engineer. The leaders will report back to the larger community by mid-June.

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