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Fighting For Property Titles In San Juan Talpa

Fighting for property titles in San Juan Talpa

Sixty families owning property in three subdivisions in San Juan Talpa – Ponderosa 1 and 2 and Compala – have been unable to register their property because the developer failed to provide proper documents twenty years ago. Leaders have initiated research meetings with the Ministry of Housing and with members of the legislative assembly to identify and understand the laws needed to secure legal deeds to their properties. They learned that laws addressing these “irregularities” were about to expire.

So far, leaders have met with Deputies Juan José Martel, Alma Cruz and Rosa Maria Romero who together promised to support legislation to extend the deadline to allow legalization of the property titles. Leaders are planning a general community meeting with these Deputies along with two others, Bonner Jiménez and Mario Tenorio, who represent the La Paz Department.  The purpose of the meeting is to obtain support for this legislation which will provide families with legal deeds to their homes.

San Juan Talpa leaders approached COFOA staff for support on this issue after seeing the success of the community of La Galilea in securing deeds for 100 families. San Juan leaders are meeting every two weeks to build their organizing effort with the support of COFOA organizer, Manuel Ceron.

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