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Haiti Leaders Organize Summer Events For Youth

Haiti Leaders Organize Summer Events for Youth

Youth in Haiti are out of school for the summer and everyone is looking for something to do. Because there are no government resources for local activities, OPODNE leaders decided to organize events to engage youth in activities to build a sense of purpose and community.

In Vallieres, OPODNE organized a youth soccer tournament that involved nearly 100 young people. In Ouanaminthe, the youth social club continues to organize recreational activities. In Paulette, the computer center is open and provides computer training for youth and adults. In Caracol, the OPODNE sponsored YMCA is operating a broad range of programs.

OPODNE is gaining a reputation as an organization that works to truly serve the community. Monthly training is stressing the values of honesty, integrity, transparency and accountability as critical in building a strong, unified region.

Learn more about what PICO leaders are doing in all 13 communities of Northeast Haiti.

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