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Haiti: OPODNE Provides Hope In The Face Of Continuing Crisis.

Haiti: OPODNE provides hope in the face of continuing crisis.

“On July 1, 2019, we gathered to work on the road.  A few members were present. On July 6, we gathered again and more people joined. We had to do something together to improve the road since the government is doing absolutely nothing to help.” – Mombin Crochu Leader

There has been no functioning government in Haiti for more than a year. A six month drought has devastated farmers. Famine, hunger and poverty are increasing. AND YET, OPODNE leaders have not given up hope. They know a new generation of leadership is needed to provide short and long term solution to the violence, corruption and poverty in Haiti. OPODNE is developing that leadership.

When presidents from the 11 organized communities in the Northeast gathered this month, they talked about the challenges they face but also reiterated their commitment to one another and their communities. Rather than complain, they continue to plan and take action with optimism and enthusiasm. How is this possible? Leaders live in a space of deep faith. Leaders know faith without action is meaningless.  Repairing roads in Mombin Crochu, cleaning streets and parks in Terrier Rouge, and sustaining local agricultural cooperatives are things that can be done now. Supporting honest people for public office is their longer-term plan.

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