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Haiti: passing on values to their children

“We remind students that families, schools, churches, and all other sectors are responsible for helping children become a good citizens. We all have a responsibility to our homeland.” – OPODNE Leaders

Ten years ago Haiti was devastated by an earthquake that killed 300,000 and set in motion  a $13 billion international relief effort that failed to benefit the people in greatest need.  While the people of Haiti continue to suffer due to government dysfunction, OPODNE leaders are encouraging young people to practice the values of community responsibility and civic pride. Even though OPODNE staff are unable to travel to remote locations in the Northeast, they are reaching out to nearby schools to share their values of collective responsibility. Students are taking the message to heart and organizing community cleanup and other improvement activities. As the word spreads, other churches, schools and community assoications are asking OPODNE leaders do the same with their groups. In the midst of so much despair, OPODNE is a sign of hope that a new generation of leaders will arise to reclaim Haiti’s promise.

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