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In El Salvador, We Are Fighting The Root Causes Of Forced Migration

In El Salvador, we are fighting the root causes of forced migration

“I know that this community deals with poverty. People have great needs and violence makes people migrate to other countries. I know that through community organizing people can empower themselves, learn to negotiate with public officials, solve these problems, and stay at home in El Salvador.” – Karla Arenivar, COFOA organizer in Soypango

This year, Karla and COFOA organizers helped new communities in four departments in El Salvador organize to obtain titles to their homes, access to water, and secure public improvements. These local organizing efforts are laying the foundation for grassroots leaders to claim the political power needed to hold government accountable.

Over 15 years, COFOA grassroots leaders have been successful in securing the construction of roads, parks, and bridges; obtaining legal deeds; and securing access to clean water for hundreds of families. These accomplishments are valued at more than $12 million. Catholic, Anglican, and Evangelical leaders have invited COFOA to explore work with more than 100 new congregations and communities. COFOA continues to organize alongside coalition partners for a national water law and a constitutional amendment to make water a human right.

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