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OPODNE Leaders In Mont Organise Expand Cooperative Efforts

OPODNE leaders in Mont Organise expand cooperative efforts

Thirty-five leaders started a pepper cooperative to improve economic conditions in 2016. They provided their own land and labor and raised $75 to buy seeds. By fall, they harvested their first crop and sold it for $750. Roslyn, chair of the group, says, “This project improves people’s economic security. They have some money in their pockets when they sell the peppers.” Since August 2016, the Local Organizing Committee has grown to over 50 members.  Using a grant of $1,000 that OPODNE provided in June 2017, they have expanded the pepper cooperative, and also bought 300 marmites of dry beans during the harvest season to resell later, expecting to make a profit in the resale.  They are also exploring a project to raise goats and beans in 2018. The cooperative also manages a successful micro loan pool, making loans available to members at 3% interest. Repayment is 100%.


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