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OPODNE General Assembly Gathers Under The Banner: “Corruption Is The Enemy Of Development”

OPODNE General Assembly gathers under the banner: “Corruption is the enemy of development”

Under the theme “corruption is the enemy of development”, more than 130 leaders from across the Northeast Department gathered at the OPODNE General Assembly to report on their work this past year and share their plans for the coming year. In a country where individualism and corruption are the norm, OPODNE leaders are practicing the values of transparency and accountability. Each community shared their public improvement efforts to clean the environment and improve roads. They also shared the results of the small economic development cooperatives they have managed over the past year. Elected representatives from the 11 communities were presented to the assembly. Leaders presented poems and skits about corruption to the delight of the assembly before leaders joined in a meal together. Many leaders travelled over four hours to meet in Caracol for this event.

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