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Partnership Is The Key Ingredient To Build New Clinic, School And LEADERSHIP In Rwanda

Partnership Is the Key Ingredient to Build New Clinic, School and LEADERSHIP in Rwanda

In the past six months, Pr. John has empowered leaders in Matimba parish to build an elementary school for 300 families; the Rusumo community to build a health clinic; and Kigali Lutheran Parish to build a Sunday school building.

The Sierra Pacific Lutheran Synod is one of many partners who make this possible. Bishop Mark Holmerud, numerous parishes, and many individuals have been prayer warriors and financial supporters of the faith-based organizing that Pr. John learned in PICO. Funds are used for bricks, mortar, and roofing. But even more importantly, funds support Pr. John as he trains leaders to build community, organize their labor and money, and exercise power to leverage government investment. Thank you!

In Matimba, a donation from Faith Lutheran Church in Chico helped to purchase roofing so parents and community could complete the school they built from the ground up using their own labor and funds collected for materials. With training by Pr. John, leaders successfully negotiated with government leaders for land and funding to operate the school that serves 300 elementary students.

Donations from St. Mark Lutheran Church in San Francisco gave the extra boost needed by Kigali Lutheran Parish leaders to build their new Sunday school. With Pr. John’s help, parishioners realized they need to reach beyond the church as it is now to attract young people that will help grow the church they desire. Critical to the vision of the church leadership is to serve the broader community. The Sunday school is a first step.

Become a partner! Donate now so that PICO can work with more communities in Rwanda.

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