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PICO Rwanda Leaders In Nyange Are Tackling The Need For Decent Roofing For Their Homes

PICO Rwanda Leaders in Nyange are Tackling the Need for Decent Roofing for Their Homes

In Nyange, in western Rwanda, the community has its own unique people and problems – and we are learning that training and development in Nyange promises to be far different from Mumeya, though no less successful. Here, after conducting 1-to1 meetings, people have chosen to focus on the need for better roofing.

Leaders are growing in skills and the community is carefully thinking through the issues it faces. Mumeya leaders have traveled in pairs to Nyange to build momentum and provide training in this rural community.  Currently Pastor John visits Nyange every Friday to train new leaders and help them work through the development model that served Mumeya so well.

We were saddened that in July, one of our strongest leaders in Nyange, Madame Akimana, died as she was being transported to a hospital after giving birth to her child.  Nyange leaders as well as all of us who had the honor of knowing her recognized her gifts and commitment, and are grieving her loss.

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