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The Mumeya Community is Nearly Finished Building Their Health Center

PICO-Rwanda leaders are working on the final set of rooms to complete the health center, after gaining government funding earlier this year.  Over 20 Mumeya residents are employed to complete construction, working alongside professional builders and gaining skills which will teach them how to improve Mumeya homes and increase their future economic opportunities.

The center is slated for completion this summer and will have 40 rooms, including in-patient capacity and a surgery.  Medical staff will be supplied by the government. When finished, over 30,000 community members and more than 13,000 children will have direct access to medical services!

Mumeya residents have also planted a flourishing garden adjacent to the health center that is increasing access to nutritional, fresh produce, and they are selling some of their vegetables in Kigali.  They think that by August the health center will have electricity, and are getting close to completion of a water project that will bring clean drinking water to the health center and village.

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