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Pr. John Shares The Story Of Rwanda Organizing With Sierra Pacific Lutheran Synod

Pr. John Shares the Story of Rwanda Organizing with Sierra Pacific Lutheran Synod

The Sierra Pacific Lutheran Synod Assembly meets this weekend in Reno. Pr. John Rutsindintwarane will share how their support and partnership is growing the Lutheran Church in Rwanda and building sustainable communities across Rwanda. Bishop Mark Holmerud, the Synod, various parishes and many individuals have been prayer warriors and financial supporters of the faith-based organizing the Pr. John learned in PICO.

This organizing has helped Kigali Lutheran Parish build a Sunday school building; Matimba parish build an elementary school for 300 families; and the Rusumo community build a health clinic; and much more. Funds are used for bricks, mortar, and roofing. But even more importantly, the funds support Pr. John as he trains leaders to build community, organize their labor and money, and exercise power to leverage government investment.

Thanks Sierra Pacific Lutheran Synod supporting this Gospel Ministry. Learn more. Give in support. Meet Pr. John in person.

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