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Research In Terrier Rouge Seeks Ways To Deliver Farm Goods To Hungry Families

Research in Terrier Rouge seeks ways to deliver farm goods to hungry families

Haitian subsistence farmers struggle to produce crops because of cycles of drought and floods. At the same time, most people don’t have consistent income to buy food for their families. OPODNE leaders in Terrier Rouge are seeking ways to bridge this gap. They are researching the formation of a collective that provides farmers seed funds to increase production and also creates a cooperative market where producers can rely on predictable sales prices and consumers can purchase food at affordable prices. This research demonstrates the flexibility of OPODNE leaders who have been planning a commercial restaurant. Now they see a greater need and opportunity to establish structures to support farmers and meet the food needs of struggling families. In the Northeast Department, the majority of families suffer from persistent poverty and many farmers try to supplement their income by cutting trees and making charcoal. Stay tuned for further developments.


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