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OPODNE Staff Complete Training Sessions In All 13 Northeast Communities

OPODNE staff complete training sessions in all 13 Northeast communities

Launched in April, OPODNE staff Florcie Tyrell and Marc Aurel just completed a round of leadership training seminars in all 11 communities where OPODNE organizes. In most locations, over 30 leaders participated. Training sessions focused on strengthening community outreach and maintaining leader commitment to organize community improvement activities, despite the lack of resources and support from local and national government. Utilizing their own resources, leaders in Capotille have restarted the peanut cooperative; leaders in Phaeton have started the fishing cooperative again; and leaders in Mont Organise continue to plant and market peppers. Grand Bassin is looking to restart their chicken cooperative and Mombin Crochu leaders are figuring out if they can start their sorghum cooperative without a larger investment by the World Bank. Capotille, Mont Organise and Mombin Crochu continue to successfully manage their microlending enterprises that make small loans to local entrepreneurs. In August, leaders from all 13 communities will come together for a General Assembly to report on progress and support one another in future activities.

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