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Rwanda: Big steps to bring water, electricity, schools and clinics to rural communities

Thousands of families in Cihya will have electricity when technicians connect lines to their homes from the poles that were just installed. More of their children will go to the local school after three more classrooms are added to the school they built last year. In Rusumo, leaders secured a unanimous vote by the Kirehe District Council to form a cooperative that empowers them to own and operate the health clinic they built three years ago. That clinic and the 17,000 people of Rusumo will have water when they finish digging ditches and installing pipes.  Nyange leaders are also planning community efforts to bring water to their roadside market area. These exciting developments are the result of the energy leaders took back to their communities from the PICO Rwanda national leadership training session in December. They are planning another national leadership training session for late April.

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