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Haiti: OPODNE Encourages Young People To Become Responsible Citizens

Haiti: OPODNE encourages young people to become responsible citizens

While Haiti government continues its collapse, OPODNE continues to develop leaders for the future. Staff and leaders are visiting schools in villages across the Northeast to encourage students to take responsibility for their own communities. After classroom sessions, students join together in cleaning up their schoolsgrounds. Hear what they have to say. OPODNE representatives are also holding themselves accountable to improve life for their communities. Presidents from local organizations gathered to report about their micro lending programs, agricultural cooperatives and community improvement work. Loan programs continue to make a profit. Even though severe drought has destroyed their banana and pepper cooperatives, local goat, fish, and wholesale goods cooperatives continue to thrive. A new cooperative to grow chayote was launched in Vallieres. School, church and government leaders are inspired and asking to OPODNE to do more.

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