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Student Engineers Will Work With Nyange Leaders To Design Tile-Making Kiln

Student Engineers Will Work with Nyange Leaders to Design Tile-Making Kiln

PICO Rwanda leaders in Nyange have negotiated with government officials to provide land where they plan to construct a tile-making kiln. Now they are preparing for a second visit by Santa Clara University student engineers who will work with them to upgrade the clay mixer and tile press that they designed last year, and begin research and design for an energy efficient kiln to bake roofing tiles. Presently, all the tiles and the bricks they used to build their houses have been made entirely by hand.

The women of Nyange desire to move their cooperative toward a commercial enterprise and generate income for their community. The Nyange Cooperative and Santa Clara EWB Club will partner with the Mayor of Muhanga and the Kigali Institute of Technology. This partnership has been recognized as a formal project of Engineers without Borders USA.

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