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Unstoppable Leaders In Rwanda Will Open New Clinic Next Month

Unstoppable leaders in Rwanda will open new clinic next month

Next month grassroots leaders from Nyarubuye, Rwanda will celebrate the opening of a new medical clinic that will serve 20,000 people who currently lack access to primary health care.

This is the third large-scale clinic our partners in Rwanda have built. In each case, the decision to build the clinic came from the community, not the government or international NGOs.

Residents of Nyarubuye launched their campaign to construct the clinic after participating in community organizing training and then asking hundreds of their neighbors what changes they wanted to see in the community.

Listening deeply to people’s stories and designing organizing campaigns based on what people say is important to them is at the heart of Faith in Action International’s approach to social change. In that spirit we want to ask for your support.

Please consider a donation now. Every dollar you give will be matched. Your support makes all the difference to Charlotte and the grassroots leaders of PICO Rwanda 

We appreciate your interest in our work and your commitment to social justice.


Fr. John Baumann, S.J. Faith in Action Founder and International Director

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