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Water Comes to 30,000 Villagers in Mumeya

“Water is life!” has been the mantra for Mumeya leaders as they sustained a five year effort that finally brought water to their health clinic, disease prevention center, community school and 30,000 people in the 10 surrounding villages. As with all of these projects, leaders organized community members to provide the labor, raise funding for maintenance of the water system and pressure the government to provide funds for materials and engineering design. Congratulations Ezra, Poline, Specioza and all the leaders of Mumeya!

Mumeya is the founding member of PICO-Rwanda. They have applied the PICO model of organizing on projects for the past ten years, and now they are providing training and support to the leaders in Nyange undertaking the roofing tile enterprise and leaders in Rusumo who are building their own health clinic. Their next project in Mumeya is to establish a vocational training program to provide employment opportunities for the young people of their villages.

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