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Your Support Is Changing The World

Your Support Is Changing the World

Your Support Is Changing the World

PICO International: For the past ten years, PICO International has provided support through consultation, communication and fundraising to our projects in El Salvador, Rwanda and Haiti where more over 1500 leaders have organized 40 communities and engaged more than 30,000 people in self-help and advocacy efforts.

El Salvador: Over the past ten years, COFOA has leveraged over $9 million in public improvements and services. Projects include repairing parks, roads, and bridges; organizing anti-violence demonstrations; securing community police, health and education services; advocating for a national water law and a constitutional amendment making water a human right.

Rwanda: Over ten years, PICO leaders in Rwanda have leveraged $2 million in public improvements and services for 120,000 people. Projects include health clinics, water, electricity, 3 schools, a welding school, a community center, new homes, a roofing tile business, reforestation and road construction, and much more.

Haiti: Over four years, PICO leaders in Haiti have leveraged $200,000 in public and private investments. OPODNE trains 600 leaders, and engages 2,500 in community improvement activities like road building, tree planting, clean-ups, and teacher training.  They sustain 6 economic development cooperatives (fishing, peanuts, chicken, sorghum and peppers).


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