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Dear Friends of PICO International,

We are proud to share stories of PICO leaders from each of our international projects who are working so those in greatest need can build their own future. Marie St. Fleur,  Epiphanie Mukamuganga, and Lucila Solano are three among hundreds of leaders – youth, women and men – who are organizing their  communities and making a difference for thousands of people in Haiti, Rwanda, and El Salvador.  In these three countries, as in PICO federations throughout the U.S., the dedication of leaders to opportunity, equality, and justice makes organizing a uniquely powerful tool for building community and advancing positive change.  Working as a team, leaders listen and engage their community, challenge public officials to build partnerships, and undertake concrete projects for the common good.

You are a critical partner in this work for justice. We truly appreciate your love, prayers, time, and financial support. Enjoy these stories of the people you’ve helped to help themselves. Thank you!

John Baumann, SJ, Founder & Director, PICO International

Alberto Velazquez, Executive Director, PICO Central America

John Rutsinditwarane, Executive Director, PICO Rwanda

Francois Pierre Louis, Executive Director, PICO Haiti

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