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COFOA leaders push Development Corporation ARGOZ to legalize property titles

El Salvador: COFOA leaders push Development Corporation ARGOZ to speed up process for legalizing property titles. One hundred fifty COFOA leaders assembled from several communities where families have experienced years of delay by ARGOZ in getting their homes registered with the national government. Now they understand the law that makes registration possible is expiring next year. Leaders vowed to press ARGOS quit stalling and meet with elected representatives to push for an extension of the law.

After staging a protest in front of local legislative offices, 60 COFOA leaders met with Assembly Deputy, Rosa Romero to press for and extension of legislation needed to permit development companies time to legally register property titles with the National Registration Center for more than 100 homeowners in towns across La Paz Department. Romero promised to take the issue to the Commission of Public Work, Transportation and Housing.

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