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El Salvador: Large peaceful protests pressure government to invest in clean water, electricity, roads, schools and clinics.

Over the past two month, COFOA organized communities celebrated 14 new development projects completed through government investments of $607,388.  Organized efforts have resulted in bringing electricity to the community of San Cayetano, San Salvador; school construction in Citalá, Cuscatlan; potable water in Los Planes y San Silvestre, Chalatenango and Caserío Veracruz, La Libertad; and road construction in Plan del Amate, La Libertad.

These successful organizing efforts are giving hope to thousands of people who organizing for basic needs in 136 communities across twelve of fourteen departments in El Salvador. COFOA leaders have presented projects worth $15.2 million to their local mayors, and organized peaceful demonstrations to press the Ministry of Municipal to release funds that are meant to be used for community development.

COFOA has generated dozens of news stories covering its fight to direct government funding to long-neglected communities, and win land titles for families. In March eight hundred leaders gathered at the Attorney General Office to file suit against private developers who are holding more than 350,000 families in legal limbo, without providing them their property titles. In 2023, sixty-seven families have secured title to their homes valued at $1,340,000. You can find more detail on COFOA’s Face Book page.

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