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Faith leaders urge USAID to channel more aid to Haitian farmers

Washington, DC. Faith in Action International, which has supported grassroots organizing in Haiti since 2014, welcomed Vice President Harris’ announcement of important new initiatives to stop the flow of guns to Haiti, support the Haitian National Police and justice system, and provide an additional $53.7 million in humanitarian assistance to the Haitian people. With Haitians dependent on high-priced food imports and hunger rising, Faith in Action and its Haitian partner, the People’s Organization for the Development of Haiti, led by Ms. Florcie Tyrell, urge USAID to use new aid funding to support Haitian farmers who are the backbone of fighting hunger in Haiti and urgently need help with seeds, tools, irrigation, and agronomists to adapt to climate change.

“The Vice President’s announcement of concrete steps to stop the flow of weapons to Haiti sends a message of hope that the U.S. is standing with the people of Haiti in their struggle to restore security and democracy,” said Francois Pierre-Louis, Faith in Action’s Haiti Director.

“We urge USAID Administrator Samantha Power to send a similar message of hope by including local Haitian organizations and farmers in the $53.7 million in new humanitarian assistance and $10.5 million in agricultural support. Haitian farmers are the backbone of fighting hunger in Haiti, and they desperately need critical inputs of seeds, irrigation, tools, and support from agronomists to adapt to drought. The American people need to know that aid will reach the Haitian people and meet their needs. The best way to do that is to work with and through Haitian organizations and farmers. Haiti needs international support that relieves suffering while also helping Haitians rebuild their country. We urge USAID to engage, listen to and support local Haitian farmers.”


Faith in Action International is a global movement of people of faith working to create a world where everyone has access to clean water, food, decent work, quality health care and education, and a say over the decisions that shape their lives. Faith in Action has supported grassroots organizing in Haiti through the People’s Organization for the Development of Haiti since 2014, along with grassroots faith-based organizing in El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, Rwanda, Tanzania, Kenya, Ghana, Hungary, and Slovakia, and in 250 cities and towns and 24 states in the U.S.

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