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Good seeds have been planted and are now bearing fruit

“I am thankful to Pr. John and Fr. Innocent for the confidence they have her. Good teachers inspire. We have been light to other people in community. Cell leaders are now asking us to do training in their villages. Good seeds have been planted and are now bearing fruit. We feel we have proven that we can meet the needs of people but we need to go further. We need to find more good leaders from good families. The national success in Rwanda depends on community success. See John Baumann and Ron Snyder as symbols of sacrifice people need to make.” – Specioza

Leader-organizers conduct training for community, faith and government leaders. Ezra, Specioza and Poline have been leaders in Mumeya since PICO Rwanda was founded there 13 years ago. This year they led training sessions for more than 100 new leaders. They shared the method of organizing that helped them organize their community to build a community clinic, a disease prevention center, three new schools, a community training facility; bring water and electricity; and plant thousands of trees and build roads improving conditions for 30,000 people from five villages. More important than all of these improvements, is the transformation taking place in people and how they are changing the way things are done in Rwanda. We are proud to share the reflections of these leaders following their two-day training session in Mumeya.

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