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Haiti: Join us for an online briefing on organizing in Haiti in a time of crisis on Wednesday, April 15 at 3 EST

Join OPODNE Executive Director, Florcie Tyrell, and Fort Liberte Bishop Alphonse Quesnel as they provide a picture of overall conditions in Haiti; how people are responding to the pandemic; what OPODNE is doing to slow the spread of the virus and support their communities; and ways that you can join in solidarity with OPDONE and the Haitian people.  You can participate through video on your computer or by phone. Click here to register.

Florcie and leaders have organized a series of radio broadcasts to inform residents in the Northeast about best health care practices. They have talked with every mayor to learn about plans and resources they have available to provide treatment for those who will become infected and food, water and shelter support for those most at risk. They have reached out to pastors and leaders in every community to organize support. Mayors and agencies are asking OPODNE to provide cleanup and other services, but have no funds or other resources to offer.   Haiti reported its first COVID-19 death on April 5, with 21 confirmed cases. But only 218 people had been tested and the medical community has said that there are likely many more cases.[i] An out of control pandemic would devastate the people of Haiti. We ask for your prayers and support for OPODNE to carry out their commitment to community.


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