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Haiti: OPDONE Leaders Press forward Through Political Chaos 

Haiti: OPDONE leaders press forward through political chaos 

Although Haiti’s political conditions have been challenging due to frequent protests, strikes, and violence, OPODNE continues to sustain organizing activities. In January, presidents from the 13 local leadership teams met explore a partnership with Cash Express, a national organization that provides low interest loans to individuals who are members of community organizations that help them engage in economic activities. These loans range from $500 to $3,000. All the 13 OPODNE localities plan to join this micro lending program.

OPODNE local community presidents also met in January to evaluate their ongoing projects and schedule new activities for the 2021.  The fishing cooperative in Phaeton plans to repair their boat and buy a new net to increase production. The Saint Suzanne group plans to provide loans to members to increase their production of root vegetables.  Every local leadership team meets monthly to hold workshops, exchange information and prepare their community for new initiatives once the country is back to normal.

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