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Honduras: Eight rural communities unite in campaign for a new regional hospital

In the rural areas outside Tegucigalpa, the capital of Honduras, some families must travel seven hours on bad roads for hospital care. With support from the new Archbishop of Tegucigalpa, José Vicente Nácher, COFOA-Honduras is working to build support for a regional hospital to serve rural these areas. Leadership teams have conducted more than 500 hundred one on one visits, organized house meetings, and completed surveys to document the health needs in rural villages.

Communities met in local assemblies to vote on local priorities and gathered across the department and committed to collective work on health care. Leadership teams have met with clinic staff in eight isolated communities and the COFOA regional research committee met recently with Dr. Celeste Gamez, representing the regional health director, who acknowledged the need for a regional hospital and committed to work with COFOA to work their way further upstream to find funding for this urgent need.

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